We are passionate about creating stronger communities that dare to dream loud.

Noisy Tenants is operated by Nicholas Mitchel and Christopher Landrum. We are producers at heart and started off as a production company, producing plays in Washington D.C., Baltimore and New York for playwright Keenan Scott II.

We discovered a passion for creating and positively engaging with our neighbors. Our unique set of skills allows us to conceive projects through collaboration with community.

Our neighborhoods are filled with individuals full of ideas, drive, and resilience. Noisy Tenants builds on this energy by creating opportunities for talent to be heard and realized. Our projects produce content in a manner that encourages people to own their personal narratives and dream loud!

 “Noisy Tenants gave my students hope and a realistic view into their futures. Working alongside Nick and Chris reassured me that they were there to help Baltimore’s youth excel to the next level. My students were thrilled at the commitment and time Noisy Tenants spent with them, gathering ideas, and showing them the endless possibilities that can be achieved if they only believed in themselves.“

Mrs. Natasha Blake-McDowell


The best projects start from a conversation!

Curious about our process and want to learn how we can work together? Give us a shout!